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MedUnity Inc was an innovative medical software services company that provided practices in the US with easy and effective tools to enable real time electronic medical information workflow. Founded in 2004 by Joshua L Howard Brimdyr, a healthcare information systems consultant, MedUnity was first to offer a national medical record exchange service called SMREX in the US starting in 2005. While no longer offering its SMREx service, MedUnity can be reached at (508) 833 2272.

Former Service Description:
As the digital age progresses, and EMR or EHR systems are implemented, the need to integrate file transfer systems that employ the old standard as well as a digital medium will become much more than a convenience. We have the answer!

MedUnity™ has developed a process to make Medical Record Information Exchange [MRIE] possible and affordable to every practice in the USA, no matter what size. This service called, SMREx® (Simple Medical Record Exchange, “SiM-R-Ex”), allows you to securely communicate patient medical information with any other practice.

Every practice one needs to communicate with can have the SMREx service up and running in less than two hours. All that’s required is a PC with Internet Explorer, access to the Internet, and a MedUnity SMREx service account. The First Public National Health Information Network services for medical record exchange have now been delivered and are only available from MedUnity. Sending a message uses a print driver to access the internet and then applies practice information from a network list or applies a fax number to connect to the fax machine of practices that are not, as yet on the network. The driver converts the document into a “read only” PDF format and sends it out.

The recipient is then notified of the document that is waiting to be received and can print it or save it to a file or save it to a patient’s Electronic Medical Record. Should the practice not yet be participating, the document would be sent via the traditional fax machine with a cover page that includes the address of an online site (this one) where the document can be retrieved digitally. The quality of the PDF file is leaps and bounds better than the old fashioned fax copy, making the information being sent much more legible and precise.

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