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MedUnity’s National Health Information Exchange Service SMREx Now Supports e-Faxing
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MedUnity’s Public National Health Information Exchange Now Supports e-Faxing


Press Release – October 27, 2009 – MedUnity announces the newest release of SMREx HIE (Health Information Exchange). With SMREx, MedUnity offers a revolutionary new HIE delivery model which makes it easy and affordable for even the smallest medical practices to participate in the sweeping changes now occurring within the US Healthcare system as a result of the ARRA’s Health Information & Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH). SMREx was the first National Public Health Information Exchange (NPHIE) for the HIPAA-compliant electronic delivery of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) information starting in 2005.


Starting in 2011 practices will be required to electronically exchange medical information in order to satisfy the principles of “interoperability” and “meaningful use” as defined in HITECH. Most practices currently rely on the fax machine as the primary tool to exchange medical information with other practices. MedUnity has combined SMREx, its HIPAA-compliant, pure electronic, point-to-point medical record exchange platform, with current e-faxing technology. This creates a solution that meets the principles of the HITECH “electronic information exchange” requirement while allowing backward compatibility with the common fax. Now practices participating in the all electronic exchange of information can also reach all non-SMREx based practices via fax without any additional effort.


SMREx is a simple, and complete solution which levels the playing field for all medical practices so they can easily and affordably participate in the secure sharing of sensitive medical information irrespective of their affiliation with larger networks or organizations. The SMREx solution creates an easy migration path from fax and paper based communications to secure, electronic-based communications. With SMREx, MedUnity has eliminated the need for expensive and labor-intensive private HIEs and for Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO) networks that can take years to implement and often have substantial on-going maintenance costs. MedUnity has recently introduced the concept of a Virtual RHIO (VRHIO), based on SMREx, for groups looking to create their own RHIO at a fraction of the cost of traditional community-based models.


About SMREx

SMREx, a web-based, thin client, solution, allows any practice to get up and running the same day. Practices can send and receive multiple electronic medical documents instantly and securely for about the same monthly cost as a single fax line. SMREx is offered on a monthly subscription basis, is available in all 50 states, and is interoperable with all EMR software offerings on the market today. MedUnity has also developed a Web Services API that allows software developers to incorporate SMREx directly into their applications.


About MedUnity


MedUnity is a privately-held Massachusetts-based technology company focused on the secure electronic exchange of medical information. With SMREx, the company has established itself as the first public, all inclusive, health information exchange for the delivery of EMR/EHR information. Founded in 2004, the company develops solutions for the national medical industry addressing referral management, electronic medical records management and exchange, and Virtual Regional Health Information Organization services. Contact: Please visit or call Patrick Garland at (508) 833-2272.

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